Sunday, March 29, 2009

1 million healthy women are wanted by the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to participate in breast cancer research. Their goal is to finally learn how to prevent the disease. If you're interested, you can register at

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leeward07 said...

Love your blog, and am currently tapping my toes to the great music (Michael McDonald) - what a great addition. I happened upon your blog because you quoted Dr. Susan Love, she is one of our founders and we try to keep up to date on places that mention her work. Dr. Love and Dr. Nancy Snyderman (NBC News Chief Medical Editor) who is our other co-founder have just launched a new online community, connected consumers with a bevy of health experts. Because of Dr. Love's involvement we have a strong concentration on breast cancer but there are numerous other health communities. You may find it of interest. Thanks for sharing your story and for your support of Loves Army.

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