Thursday, May 28, 2009

Should You Have To Pay Extra For Being Fat?

Airlines are starting to charge extra for passengers who are obese.
Southwest Airlines now requires any passenger whose body prevents them from lowering their arm
rest that divides the seats, to buy an extra ticket. Southwest says it implemented the policy because of complaints of passengers who had to sit next to fat people. Other airlines are implementing similar policies. Obese people claim that a federal law preventing airlines from discriminating against people with disabilities-should apply to them too. What do you think? Should obese passengers have to buy two seats when they fly? Would you want to sit next to a fat person when you fly?


Kelly said...

I think unless they are going to charge anyone needing special accomadations extra, then they can't charge extra for being obese. And I have no problem sitting next to anyone on a plane as far as obesity or other problem. :)

Gutsy Living said...

I used to work for the airlines and I know they have to calculate the weight of luggage etc. It affects balance on the plane, the amount of fuel consumption etc. So if a person weighs 400 lbs, that counts like 2 people and yes, it does affect the cost for everyone else, so they should pay.

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