Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pets Are Getting As Fat As Their Owners!

It's sad but true, American pets are facing an
obesity epidemic. 1/3 of all cats and dogs in this country are overweight or obese. Fat pets
are the most common condition that vets see. Overweight pets suffer
from diabetes and joint disease. Vets say the sedentary lifestyle and the fatty foods given to them by their owners are the main causes. Cutting back on the calories can keep your pet around a little longer and can improve the quality of its life. To keep your pet at a healthy weight, control its food portions and get your dog or cat off the couch and playing more!


Gutsy Living said...

I have never ever seen a cat like that one. In Belize our rat terrier was considered fat, and that's because all the dogs there are anorexic looking, stray dogs.

A Fitness Minute with Pat Anderson said...

Feeding a pet that much is not showing it love. I wish people would understand that. There are other ways to show love to your pet. Here in Mexico, there are a lot of stray dogs that look very thin also. They have yet to get their pet population under control.

Monsoon said...

Oh dear God! I am fat myself, and have a cat. There is NO WAY I want her so suffer like I do. Being fat is just a killer for everything in one's life, and how anyone can project that unto their poor pets as well... It is just tragic.That cat doesn't even look like a cat anymore. However; it probably is a bit sad that my cat is way healthier than I am. It will change soon though.

A Fitness Minute with Pat Anderson said...

Maybe this fat cat has inspired you to take better care of yourself! After all, if you wouldn't let your cat get fat because it's bad for its' health, why would you let yourself be fat?

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