Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is That New Exercise Product Just A Gimmick?

How do you know when a new exercise product really delivers what it claims?  Before you buy, ask yourself these 2 questions.
Does it sound too good to be true?
If it does, it probably is.  The people behind these products and ads really are marketing geniuses.  They get your attention, and within minutes get you to believe you can have a fitness model body in just minutes a day.  If the ad is promising results that logically aren't possible(no matter how bad you want it), change the channel.
Does it target just one body part?
If it's saying you can have six pack abs and lose those love handles in just minutes a day, it's lying to you.  Spot reduction doesn't work.  There is no way to slim down or trim inches off a specific area of your body just by working that body part.  Diet is such a big part of losing inches, building muscle and dropping weight.  If the product doesn't address the diet part, then it's pretty much a gimmick exaggerating its results.

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