Monday, July 26, 2010

Too Fat To Graduate?

 A Pennsylvania college is telling students to shape up or else they won't graduate.  Entering freshmen at Lincoln University have to get their body fat measured.  If the result is above 30%, the threshold for obesity, the students have to take a physical education class or they can't graduate.  This requirement started for kids enrolled in the fall of 2006.  That class is now in its senior year.  There were 80 students whose graduation hinged upon their taking the phys ed class or passing the body fat test What happened to those students?
24 of those students did not graduate this summer because they did not take the phys ed class, or reduce their body fat. 
Faculty at Lincoln University say they are concerned with the whole student, not just the academic part.  They want to teach their students the importance of good health.
 Here's one Lincoln University student's opinion on this requirement.
Is it good policy or violation of rights?

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Kelly said...

Definitely overstepping themselves!

:) Interesting though...

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