Friday, December 17, 2010

This Easy Switch May Keep You Healthy

A new study says that eating brown rice instead of white rice may help prevent type 2 diabetes.
The research led by Harvard School of Public Health found that the more white rice the participants consumed, the higher their risk of diabetes.  But when the participates in the study replaced their white rice with brown rice, their diabetes risk decreased.  White rice is produced from brown rice.  In the process, many beneficial nutrients are lost, including the fiber.  Without the fiber, white rice is more readily absorbed into the blood stream which leads to blood sugar spikes after eating.  You can now find organic brown rice that is precooked and frozen in most grocery stores.  You just microwave it for 3 minutes and it comes out perfectly done!  Add a little olive oil and sea salt and it tastes great.  There are several brands and they all taste great.  Check your local grocery store.

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