Friday, January 28, 2011

Do Those TV Fitness Gadgets Really Work?

Just about everyone has resolved to get in better shape this New Year and manufacturers are capitalizing on those resolutions with their new fitness TV gadgets.  I'm sure you've seen the ad for that Shake Weight for men and women.

I couldn't believe this ad when I first saw it.  Talk about sexually suggestive!  I think they have since taken the women off the ad and just use men now.  Anyway, the ads say it causes up to 240 muscle contractions per minute and gives you a complete upper body workout in 6 minutes.  Muscles don't grow just because you contract them.  They need the challenge of added weight.  Don't be fooled.
How about the ad for The Flex Arms?  You strap this device to your upper arm and electric

shocks will tone, tighten, firm and strengthen your muscles in 4-8 weeks.  Your muscles grow when you stress them just enough to cause little tears in the fibers.  Lifting weights does this, small electric jolts don't.  Save your money and head to the gym.

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