Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Easy Alternative To Weight Training

It doesn't take pumping iron or fancy weight machines to get your body into shape.  An easy alternative is resistance bands.
These lightweight exercise cords resemble oversized rubber bands with handles on each end that allow you to perform toning exercises.  You tie or loop the band around a sturdy object, like a doorknob or you can simply stand on it, grab the handles and then perform many of the exercises you would do with dumbbells or machines.

The bands come in different strengths from 5lbs. to 20lbs or more.  They're great for a home program or even for using when you travel.  Invest in a good quality pair of bands to ensure they don't break or lose resistance over time.  Many of the bands come with an exercise program.  I recommend Bodylastics Resistance Bands.

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