Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Excuses

While I was working out at Gold's Gym yesterday, I saw something I had never seen before.  I was on the treadmill doing my cardio when I noticed an older couple nearby.  The man was guiding his wife onto the treadmill.  By the way he was talking to her, I realized she was blind.  He told her where to step and started the machine for her and set her speed.  She was walking at a somewhat slower pace, maybe a 2.0 speed.  He then left, headed toward the spa area.  I continued watching her for a few minutes and felt very inspired by her.  She was probably in her later 50's or early 60's and looked about 40 to 50lbs. overweight.  She seemed comfortable on the treadmill.  I continued with my cardio, listening to "Philosopher's Notes" on my mp3 player.  (Philosopher's Notes is a compilation of short summaries of motivational books.) As I finished my cardio, I felt compelled to meet the blind lady on the treadmill.  I went over and gently touched her arm and introduced myself.  I told her that every day I try to find inspiration, and that today she inspired me. I told her I wanted to give her a gift and gave her my Philosopher's Notes mp3 player.  I told her I had found inspiration with it and thought she would enjoy it.  I asked her if she was completely blind and she said yes.  She proceeded to tell me her story.  

Her name is Charline. 6 years ago she became blind because of a severe complication with her diabetes.  She was completely devastated and depressed for about a year. She then pulled herself out of bed one day, deciding not to be depressed anymore.  She and her husband traveled all over the world for several months. She grew tired of that and "just wanted to sleep in her own bed again".  She was listening to a cooking show on TV one day and decided she was going to learn how to cook.  She memorized recipes she heard on the Rachel Ray Show and then fixed them.  She had her kitchen outfitted so she could cook more easily.  She became a gourmet cook.  Next, she decided to go back to school and finish her AA degree.  She then continued on and got her BA.  She was even contemplating going to law school!  She was now working on a  new company she just started called Back2Botanicals, selling organic soaps and cleansers.  (Her website is

She told me a month ago, she had gastric bypass surgery. She had lost 30lbs. and wanted to lose another 50lbs.  She has been walking on the treadmill for an hour a day.  She was feeling pretty good, just eating small amounts of food.   I told her she was truly amazing and such an inspiration.  

As I was walking away I thought to myself how glad I was that I had followed my intuition and met her.  She has no idea how much she inspired me that day.


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