Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making A Lifestyle Change

About two months ago, I put a new client on a training/rehab program.  He was suffering from a knee problem, a rotator cuff problem, and lower back problem.  And he was out of shape and overweight.  On the plus side, he did play golf. : )  After getting his medical history, and a picture of his lifestyle, I set about trying to help him.  I put together a rehab-strengthening program for his knee, rotator cuff, and lower back.  But what I told Bob next, was more important than the program itself.  I told him,  No exercise plan was going to help him unless he made a lifestyle change.  He needed to make taking care of his body a priority.  You see, his philosophy on life was "work hard and play hard".  He liked to be active, but every time he engaged in physical activity, he would injure himself.  He attributed it to "just getting older", instead of seeing he wasn't keeping his body in a fit state so injuries wouldn't occur.

Fast forward two months later.  I met with Bob yesterday for a tuneup on his program and to see how he was doing.  He had been exercising consistently, three days a week, for the past two months.  He said his knee was much better, his back was no longer hurting, and his shoulder had improved quite a bit.  He said he "finally got it".  That exercise was something he was going to do for the rest of his life to help keep his body strong and  healthy.  He was making exercise a permanent part of his lifestyle.

Until you make exercise a lifestyle change, you will not stick with it.

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