Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Biggest Fitness And Exercise Myths Exposed

I have invited Matt, who is a competitive open-water swimmer with All-American honors and is the CEO of ClutchWave Inc., where he runs the site WheyProteinLabs.com, to write a guest post on exercise. Please visit Matt's web site which provides helpful information about the best whey protein powders available.

The Biggest Fitness And Exercise Myths Exposed
There are tons of myths that people fall for in the fitness and exercise industry, simply because most people never question these misconceptions.
We’ve compiled a shortlist of the most common myths and misconceptions that you’ll find people preaching in any gym across the world.

Myth #1 – You Need To Workout Every Day
A lot of people think that spending as much time in the gym as possible will get the best results but this simply isn’t true. To build muscle, you need to let your body rest and repair itself.
Therefore it is recommended that you have a big workout then wait a few days before your next big workout. Working out every day will result in burnout, where you could do serious damage to your muscles.

Myth #2 – You Need To Be Massive To Be Strong
If you want to be extremely strong then you do not need to be extremely big. Look at people like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, were they huge? No, but they were very strong even though they were small in stature.
So if your goal in the gym is to get strong then you do not need to add loads of bulk or weight. Things like power training will increase your strength, without adding dramatic amounts of muscle size.

Myth #3 – You Need The Latest Equipment To See Results
This is a really widespread myth, which is (not surprisingly) mostly perpetuated by fitness gurus selling their exercise products. The truth is that some of the cheapest and oldest pieces of equipment are the best and most reliable.
If you want to build muscle and increase strength, then some dumbbells and barbells will be all you need (if you know what you’re doing with them). You can do a wide range of exercises, focusing on different muscles plus they’re incredibly cheap.

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