Friday, April 13, 2012

Stairs vs Elevator

People often forget about another choice that will help them to lose weight--taking the stairs.  The little decisions you make day in and day out can have a big impact on your weight.  In a new study, researchers looked at how to help people make a healthy choice when deciding between the elevator and stairs.  They
focused on three buildings, ranging from 3 to 10 stories high.  They measured how many people were using the stairs compared to the elevator.  They then posted a sign with the reminder Burn Calories
Not Electricity.  After the researchers put up the sign, people started using the stairs in all of the buildings 9% to nearly 35% more often.  Even 9 months after the signs were no longer installed, people were more likely to use the stairs.  A 150 lb. person burns about 10 calories each minute while walking
upstairs.  Through the course of a year, making little changes like this one can really help to make your clothes fit better and you feeling better.

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