Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not All Dark Chocolate Is Healthy!

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of dark chocolate.  Like red wine and tea, dark chocolate contains flavonoids which are rich in antioxidants.  Studies say a little bit of dark chocolate every day is better for you as it provides a steady stream of antioxidants.  Unfortunately, not all dark chocolate products are healthy.  Manufacturers are adding ingredients such as hydrogenated oil, palm oil and artificial ingredients to dark chocolate.  Many of the dark chocolate products out there are just processed junk.  If you want the health benefits of dark chocolate, buy organic dark chocolate that has these ingredients:
organic cocoa mass (100% crushed organic cocoa beans)
organic raw cane sugar
organic cocoa butter
organic cocoa powder
organic vanilla
at least 70% cocoa
I've tried several different brands of dark chocolate.  The brand I like the best is Rapunzel Organic Extra Dark Chocolate.  It costs about $4.00 a bar.  Not only does it have healthy ingredients but it also gives you a natural energy boost. You can find it on

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