Saturday, August 27, 2011

How To Tell If You're Overdoing It With Exercise

If you're constantly sore, stiff, uncomfortable, and tired, you're probably overtraining.  Here are some warning signs that you may be overdoing your workouts.
  • A little bit of soreness after exercise is normal, but that soreness should pass in a day or two.  If your muscles are constantly sore and aching, you're pushing yourself too hard.
  • If you're struggling to do exercises that were once easy, it's time to ease up on your workouts.
  • If you're dreading going to the gym, it's a sign that your body needs a rest.
  • Lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and feeling irritable are other warning signs that you are overtraining.
If you are experiencing any of these signs, take 2 to 3 days off and allow your body to rest and recover.

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Anonymous said...

I dread doing my exercise I don't think that means I'm overtraining. It means that exercise is hard but you push yourself. The other reasons make sense but that one doesn't. Most fat people dread going to the gym. Or they'd be in the gym losing weight. Now that I'm no longer obese I work out every day I still dread going to the gym. It doesn't mean I'm doing too much it means it's hard work being fit and healthy.

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