Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Women Can Stop Breast Cancer

Dr. Susan Love has created the Love/Avon Army of Women research project to stop breast cancer. Their goal is to recruit 1 million women by October 1st to participate in breast cancer research and finally learn how to prevent the disease. So far they have 285,000 women who have joined. They are recruiting women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, who are healthy, or have a breast cancer history, to join.
As a member of her
army, you agree to be emailed about breast cancer studies in need of volunteers. Some of the studies involve filling out questionnaires, others require samples of blood, urine or saliva. You choose which studies you want to participate in.
I'm proud to say I have joined the Army of Women. If you are interested in joining or want to find out more, go to www.armyofwomen.org.


Sandra said...

I was just check with my 13 year old making sure she knows how to check herself. I signed up and will do a post about it to. Thanks =)

Kelly said...

I will take a look, thanks. :)

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